This Frog Support has been stuck in position with double sided adhesive tape for demonstration purposes only.

During treatment Frog Supports are bandaged to the feet as above.


Case Study 14:

This horse suffered an attack of acute founder following injection of a corticosteroid to treat a minor skin inflammation. Both front feet were affected, he was found "rooted to the ground" the next morning. Despite 2 grammes of phenylbutazone twice a day there was no improvement in his lameness after 4 days. He was box rested, Styrofoam pads were fitted and he was started on acepromazine medication. There was still no improvement, in fact he became more uncomfortable.


On admission to the Laminitis Clinic, the Styrofoam pads were removed and TLC Frog Supports fitted. He was stabled on a bed of clean dry whitewood shavings covering the whole floor area to a depth of 18 inches. He was taken off phenylbutazone but his acepromazine medication was continued at a higher dose.


His lameness improved over the next week, despite receiving no pain killers. The TLC Frog Supports were replaced at weekly intervals for the next 4 weeks.


His lameness has improved so that a pair of steel non-adjustable heart bar shoes were fitted to his front feet and limited dorsal wall resections made.

As with most acute founder cases, he has had minor setbacks where he became more lame on his right fore as the old sole separated and he developed minor infection beneath as the new sole was being produced. This lameness is now resolving.


He has been on a gradual but strict diet, incorporating
Formula4 Feet, and has now lost over 200 lbs in weight.