Case Study 1:

This pony mare is 16 years old, has Pituitary Dependent Cushing's Disease (PDCD) and is a chronic founder case having a history of laminitis from being a 5 years old. She is also 3 months in foal.

Formula4 Feet

When referred to the Laminitis Clinic she was examined and found to be too lean having been dieted in an attempt to prevent laminitis. However, as her laminitis was due to PDCD this was inappropriate. She was put onto a different diet developed at the Laminitis Clinic, supplemented with Formula4 Feet.  
Despite a ribby appearance she shows swellings above the eyes, characteristic of PDCD. These are fat deposits due to the abnormal distribution of fat in these cases.  

She has now put on some weight and is the ideal Condition Score 2½ to 3. Her hoof horn quality has improved as has her lameness. Her coat is no longer dull and dry but has a lustrous shine.  
Recently, she gave birth to a lovely, correct filly foal.  
Which is now quickly catching up with Mum.