Case Study 10:

I spoke to a most helpful person in your office, but unfortunately I did not take her name. I rely on your product to keep my Welsh Section D in perfect health. I attach a couple of photos (the first is Mwyn rejoicing in momentary freedom after being stabled during his first treatment; the second a fully healthy horse). Here goes:

Mwyn (Welsh for gentle, kind & dear - all qualities he possesses in aces), my Welsh Section D, was sold to me laminitic, but currently sound. He had become laminitic at 10 years of age. When on loan he was kept in a stable for a fortnight and then let onto a 10 acre ungrazed field ... you can guess the result. Unfortunately I was very inexperienced and did not realise that he was still suffering from residual laminitis. When his hooves were trimmed I was horrified to see blood drops in the discarded horn.

It took some time to learn the discipline of proper grazing management and before I did so Mwyn suffered a further severe bout of laminitis.
Initially he was fed ....... .(product name removed by Equi Life for legal reasons) to build up horn growth; while this did make a difference, it was when he received his daily cup of
Formula4 Feet that the difference became more pronounced. After 8 months of Formula4 Feet, the farrier says that his feet are now "show quality". Certainly, it is quite extraordinary to see the horn after it has been trimmed: the "webbing" which was so pronounced is almost non-existent. I believe it would take an expert to know that he had ever had a problem.

Unfortunately Mwyn was inadvertently grazed on grass which had been fertilised. He had his third and most serious bout of laminitis. It was horrifying to see him moving as though he had broken his back. He came through it and with careful diet and continued use of
Formula4 Feet to provide the proper nutrients he was soon back on form. Most extraordinary was that when his hooves were trimmed the traces of the attack were negligible. Given the seriousness of the bout, I believe that Formula4 Feet gave his hooves the strength to resist severe damage.

I therefore thoroughly recommend a daily measure of
Formula4 Feet coupled with tightly managed grazing and regular exercise, for a happy horse.

Francis des Rosiers, Chartered MCIPD