Case Study 11:

"My servant, aka RM, has at last had the light shone upon her. Over the last 9 months she has been adding to my supper each night a rather tasty dish of something called Formula4 Feet(not easy to say with a mouthful of fodder - tends to go all over her). There have been serious discussions and much mutterings between farrier and herself as they bend down to my feet - proddings and pokings on new growth of hoof. Phrases like, well it seems to be working; never seen such improvement in an elderly equine (ELDERLY?! ! I'm only 32 this year and I've given the best years to carrying around the Master of the Hunt); yes, there's plenty of good growth coming down now, I've even got enough hoof to put the nails in.

I have to say that the previous mutterings from farrier went something like, well I'll try and find a bit of hoof to put the nails in, but it's really crumbly. Well you servants know what a crisis this all is when the weather's up and down like a yo-yo - heat, then wet and our feet just go to pieces. But I believe this can now come to an end with
Formula4 Feet.

Come along equines, get chatting to your servants and get a tub or two and see the effects. I now trip along daintily - well as dainty as a retired old gelding can be!"

Thanks to Mr. Robert Eustace - if you get a chance to go to one of his talks, take the opportunity, it's well worth it.

Ms Rita Morris, Devon.