Case Study 18:

Im am just writing to say how wonderful your Formula4 Feet supplement is. I have had my 6 year ex racehorse for nearly two years and when I got him he had absolutley terrible feet!! They were so bad that he was footsore for two weeks out of six and everytime he was shod he would be unridable for a few days at least. My farrier would always complain about how bad they were and express how difficult he was to shoe, as he never grew any foot and his hoof wall was so thin, we tried everything!

About 5 months ago I started using your Formula4 Feet supplement and the last couple of times my farrier has noticed a vast improvement with the strength of his feet and also for the first time he used hoof cutters!!!! We put it down to the supplement and also the fact that I have a wonderful farrier. He is now recommending the supplement to many of his clients, as am I and my horse can now be ridden straight after he has been shod. I would just like to thank you for creating such a perfect supplement because not only is it helping his feet it also helps his digestion as he also suffers from bouts of colic. Thank you again.


Heidi Neville-Stockley BA(hons) BHS PT, Int SM, EBW & Sri Lipis aka Slipi