Case Study 2:  
This 30 years old pony has suffered from a mysterious skin condition for the last 11 years. Despite intensive veterinary help, including blood samples, tissue biopsies, hair and horn examinations the condition has been diagnosed as atopy of unknown origin. His coat was dry and pale in colour and sparse with areas around the head.
The skin over his neck and trunk was thickened and corrugated with raised papules and lumps. His tail growth was very poor, leaving him with little to swat the summer flies. For the last four years his coat would shed in the early Spring, with little re-growth leaving him nearly bald!
He had been treated with all manner of antibiotic, antifungal and similar preparations to little effect. His owner had supplemented his diet with a leading American hoof and skin supplement at the full dose for years and subsequently a variety of herbal preparations, again, none of which provided any significant improvement. The pictures above were taken while he was receiving the supplements.


Since receiving Formula4 Feet his coat has shown a dramatic change. The colour has altered from being a dry light colour to a much richer chestnut colour. He has grown 12 inches of tail hair and his hair loss and papule development on his neck and trunk are much improved, though not yet perfect. The skin is no longer thickened and corrugated. AND this is the first Spring he hasn't been left bald when he changed his coat.


Additionally, his farrier has remarked how much stronger his hoof horn is for an elderly pony and that he shows far fewer dark marks and cracks around his nail holes.

His owner commented; "Of all the supplements I have tried over the last 23 years, Formula4 Feet has resulted in the most improvement in my pony's skin, tail and hooves. I have never seen him looking better."