Case Study 20:

Dear Rachel,

Re, Jake's case history for your website,

as promised, I have tried to manage a before and after pic, which may be of use - its not easy, I am a rubbish photographer, and Jake is never co-operative (or maybe is camera shy)

Anyway, here goes.

First one is a before, taken in Summer 2006 - when he was grossly overweight, laminitic with dreadful hoof quality, poor coat, lots of sores and flybites, due to sweet itch /sensitive skin - basically a very old looking and miserable pony (he is approx 22 now by the way)

The next two, taken last Friday, 26th Sept 2008, does, I think capture a trim, fit front, with glossy coat, and cheeky look in the eye - (he is already throwing an excellent winter coat & good feather - his legs were completely clipped in May this year - and have already returned to full thick winter boots!

Hope this is of some use - definitely, the Formula4 Feet has played a crucial part in returning this pony to full health and fitness - with a much improved quality of life throughout the year.

Kind Regards,

Sheilagh Bolton