Case Study 21:

I would just like to say a huge thank you to you for your product, Formula4 Feet! It has made such a difference to my boy!

He's never had brilliant feet, got the typical flat footed, poor quality thoroughbred feet, always getting cracked and split, full of nail holes, rarely keeping shoes on for 2 weeks before loosing them! We tried a few different things, the usual routes, biotin etc but nothing seemed to make any significant difference.

Anyway in October 2008, his feet were at an all time worst, his heels had collapsed, his toes were long and the hoof quality was really poor, the hooves were cracking. He got an abscess in one of his front feet, which required digging out and then treating with tubbing and poulticing. He also pulled the opposite front shoe off and in the process pulled chunks of hoof wall away with it.
The farrier said his feet were in such bad condition, there was no chance of getting shoes on, and the only hope would be to leave the shoes off, and hope that his feet could 'toughen' themselves up and recover. He said 8 weeks with shoes off, and start on a hoof supplement, and see how he went. After a lot of research, we decided on Formula4 Feet and began feeding it the same day. With shoes off, we were all expecting him to go crippled with foot soreness, however he really surprised us all! He coped extremely well all things considered, and just 6 weeks later was able to see the farrier.
The farrier couldn't believe the difference in his feet, and with a good trim was able to start correcting the shape. A line had appeared around the hoof wall, indicating the change in diet (adding Formula4 Feet) which showed the difference of the new good quality horn growing. 4 months later and the difference in his feet is incredible! He now gets shod every 6 weeks without any problems! His feet are crack free, much harder and of good quality! I am really happy with the results and he is proof that it really does work! His coat is looking amazing, its the middle of winter and he is shining and gleaming as though it was summer!

He has always been rather lacking in a tail, and it has since thickened up a lot and grown much quicker. I know you have a lot of testimonials and case studies on your website, and its so good to know there is a product on the market which has helped so many horses and their owners! You can see from the pictures just what a difference it has made to my boy! Picture 2 is the same foot in the first picture, 3 months later! I would recommend it to anyone and wouldn't be without it now! Have you ever seen a thoroughbred with such nice feet!

Thank you so much

Sarah and Riley