Case Study 23:




International show jumper, Robert Smith, has been using Formula4 Feet on several of his top horses for the past couple of years and is a huge supporter of the product.

One of the horses who have seen significant benefits from Formula4 Feet is Kalusha, the grey gelding who among his phenomenal international show jumping accolades, helped Robert to secure the British Open title on two consecutive years.

Kalusha's notorious 'unpredictable' character has made him a firm favourite with many of Robert's fans and he has won everything from Grand Prix's to World Cup Qualifiers around the world.

Now 18 years old, this truly magnificent campaigner is taking life slightly easier but still competes. "He looks great," says Robert and goes on to explain, "Formula4 Feet has played a big part in his soundness. We saw the benefits after 6-8 weeks of using Formula4 Feet as a feed supplement. Previously he didn't grow much foot and the hoof horn looked far from healthy. He was down on his heels and flat footed which puts pressure on the tendons. This is the last thing you want in any horse, but especially a show jumper who needs to master the big tracks.

In fact, Kalusha's pedal bone was close to dropping and his soles were very soft. It was the McCloskeys who owned Mr Springfield who recommended we tried Formula4 Feet. I'm usually cynical about such products but we noticed the difference very quickly. Thankfully, that has all been corrected and he appears to be super-sound which is unusual for a horse that has competed as much as Kalusha has over the years."

Thanks to Formula4 Feet, the condition of Kalusha's hooves is now very healthy much to the delight of his farrier!