Case Study 25:

On 19th April 2009 I was exposed to every horse owners nightmare, my beloved horse was struck down with acute laminitis in all four feet.

The quick actions of my Vet and immediate advice of my Farrier ensured that the condition was "caught" in time with no rotation viewed on x-ray.

I did some quick research and against some advice around adding anything into her diet, I started Belle on
Formula4 Feet; the results speak for themselves. My Farrier is coming on 22nd April and believes this will be the final trimming of the "damage" - he is well pleased with the progress, we have had no abcess or relapse, we also started Solution4 Feet at the same time.

The "side-effects" of glossy coat and quick shedding of coat is an amazing bonus, I also started my 20 Year Old Shetland Companion on the regime of
Formula4 Feet and Solution4 Feet at the same time and the results are equally startling - I'm convinced his mobility has improved however this may be as a result of him feeling really well because of this supplement.

I cannot thank you enough for this product.

The only question I have is about the larger quantity bag, I have been ordering the tubs due to freshness of product - if I switch to the large bag will it remain fresh for 3-4 months after opening?

Many thanks again.

Mo Smith
Isle of Wight

Equi Life comments that both sizes of Formula4 Feet have a 2 year shelf life, so no worries.