Case Study 4:

A 17 hands Show Horse became lame in a hind leg. The lameness was thought to be in the hip and he was given an injection of corticosteroid followed by further corticosteroids tablets by mouth over a 2 week period. He became very lame in both front feet.

The owner decided to change her veterinary surgeon and a diagnosis of acute founder in the front feet was made. The horse was treated with acepromazine, box rest on a deep shavings bed and frog supports were fitted. During four months of treatment his condition improved significantly. Three weeks ago his owner asked her veterinary surgeon whether she should change from a leading hoof supplement and try our new product Formula4 Feet. He recommended Formula4 Feet having read the scientific literature he had received from Equi Life and the owner began to feed Formula4 Feet to her horse. She comments "Within three weeks of feeding Formula4 Feet his coat was just amazing, his feet have hardened up and there is excellent new growth of horn. My vet, who visits every 2 weeks was impressed with the rate of horn growth and the texture of the new horn."

Miss J.S. Devon

Latest report is that he has been given the all clear by his vet to start walking out exercise in hand.