Case Study 5:

"My top priority has always been to provide the best for my beloved Welsh pony, Sun King. When he suffered from a bout of laminitis earlier this year, I didn't want to waste his valuable recovery time using the wrong product. Luckily, Formula4 Feet became available just when I needed it. I wanted a supplement which would supply the exact micronutrients, which may be lacking in a restricted diet, to promote fast and healthy horn re-growth, also to support the various other bodily processes for overall health and well being. Formula4 Feet was my obvious choice as it was created, tried and tested by Robert Eustace, of the Laminitis Clinic and top equine nutritionist, Dr David Frape. Besides doing what it claims, Formula4 Feet is reasonably priced, economical and very palatable. I can feed this product to King as a treat, which he loves; important for the laminitic who may feel deprived! I am pleased to report that King's hooves are growing very quickly with excellent horn quality. An added bonus is his excellent condition and beautiful summer coat, the best I've seen in 17 years of ownership. Lots of people have remarked on how good he looks, not bad for a 24 year old. I am very glad that I have used this supplement. I have had excellent results from it and will continue to use it. Formula4 Feet has proved to me, along with correct management, that there is life after laminitis."

Updated 17th January 2006
"It has been nearly two years since King’s laminitis attack. Recovery took much time and patience with a few bumps along the way but now my beloved horse is completely sound and healthy thanks to the excellent management advice from the staff at the Laminitis Clinic and much patience, dedication and commitment. I believe that one of the best weapons which helped his recovery was Formula4 Feet. With the correct dietary and stable management, Formula4 Feet helped King regrow healthy strong hooves which seem to be good as before the attack. His skin and coat too is in incredible condition, especially for an older horse, interestingly his coat colour seems to have enriched and deepened; he looks wonderful. He is agile and active and very much enjoying life!

Formula4 Feet isn’t a miracle cure or preventative for laminitis, but if used as directed with the proper management such as complete box rest as necessary, pain relief and veterinary care, farriery, bedding and diet will go a long way to provide the nutrients needed to help recovery and to grow strong and healthy hooves. The excellent skin and coat condition is a great bonus. I will continue to use this product as I am so delighted with the results, not to mention that King would rather his daily dose came in a larger quantity, it is economical to use! I would definitely recommend it, not just to those who are dealing with laminitis, but to owners who want to improve hoof quality or just to give their horse an all round supplement for health and to give the coat a healthy bloom."

Mrs Gail Phelps, Cambs.