Case Study 6:

This 9 years old Thoroughbred gelding had received no supplementation prior to receiving Formula4 Feet. In fact he lived out all year with no other hard feed, just hay in the winter. He is also a wobbler (cervical malalignment syndrome), which, because of a hereditary problem in his neck vertebrae, makes him unsteady on his hind legs. In fact he was so uncoordinated that he needed to be given a tranquillizer before the farrier could trim his hind feet. The "before" pictures were taken in late March 2004, prior to supplementation with Formula4 Feet.

During this summer he has continued to live out with no other feed but limited grazing and Formula4 Feet which he eats from the hand.


These photographs were taken 5 months after starting on Formula4 Feet. The hoof capsule is much stronger, the red arrow head indicates the extent of the new horn growth down from the coronary band. The red circle show how the old quarter crack, which was so evident in the previous picture, had healed over leaving only the slightest of deformations in the hoof wall.



Right hind foot before

Right hind foot after







Right fore foot before









Right fore foot after

A similar improvement to the shape and strength of the hoof capsule is evident in the right fore hoof, after 5 months of supplementation with Formula4 Feet.

The horse has gained weight, has a lovely shiny coat and strong hooves. Interestingly, he now can also stand to have his hind feet dressed, without the need for a sedative!