Case Study 7:

Henry before Formula4 Feet
Henry after Formula4 Feet

Dear all at Equi Life
Hello, my name is Brenda Rayner, I am so impressed with your product Formula4 Feet, that despite my dyslexia I had to put pen to paper.

I have owned my horse Henry for 22 years, since the age of 2, he is now 24 and has suffered with poor feet all his life, as all four feet are white, and I have tried every lotion, potion, pill and powder over the years but to no avail. Three years ago he developed laminitis, for the first time, he was seriously overweight and could barely walk, just as I thought things could get no worse, he got a puncture wound in his coronary band and I didn't think he would last another winter, I just happened to read about Formula4 Feet and decided I had nothing to lose so I used the special order form, after just one week he was feeling much better and was allowed out from box rest, his progress has been so good I had to tell you.

From November when he started taking Formula4 Feet his puncture wound has grown out completely and he looks and obviously feels 10 years younger, I also give it to my old horse Bacardi who is 38 years old and who recently had seedy toe quite badly. But this has now cleared up too and he also has a new lease of life, my farrier and I are recommending Formula4 Feet to everyone as it has saved my horses' lives.

I have enclosed some photos of my horses.

Thank you, Yours sincerely,

Mrs B. Rayner, Exwick, Exeter, Devon.