Case Study 9:

Dear Robert

I have been meaning to email or write for some time. My 15 year old cob has a long and complex history of laminitis and I have thought he had come to the end of his life on more than one occasion. Somehow though he keeps bouncing back.

He receives a number of supporting aids for his condition and I use herbs, homoeopathy, Bowen Therapy (I teach Equine Bowen Therapy) and my farrier has done a wonderful job in addressing the balance of his feet.

I have tried various grazing muzzles, including your own, but with no success. I use electric fencing to control his grass intake. Around October time, he started to sweat more than usual and I immediately suspected Cushings. Indeed, he then produced an incredibly long thick coat, which has since moulted, just to re-grow a fluffy coat underneath (classic symptoms, apparently.) Having done some research, I discover that Cushings is quite difficult to diagnose using conventional veterinary methods and so I accept that I now have a "Cushing-oid" horse, with a metabolic disorder.

What is odd though, is that he hasn't had a single sign of his usual laminitis since the autumn. Not only that, but he is bright and cheeky, not depressed as he has been in the past. I started to feed him your Formula4 Feet about 6 months ago and my farrier was delighted to notice that the quality of Bear's hooves have improved considerably after about 3 months. The soles are both stronger and more elastic and I would say that Bear is walking out more comfortably on the roads than he has done for years. He's always been happier on soft going, of course.

I mentioned this to one of the girls who takes orders on the telephone last time I ordered a large sack of Formula4 Feet and she asked me to write to you to see if you would like to use Bear's story in a testimony for the supplement. As I am out treating horses in my work, I am in a position of being able to make a recommendation to my horse owners, when I have had a positive result for myself.

Hope this is of interest to you and thank you for developing Formula4 Feet. It's made such a difference to my horse. I don't know how long he's got, his gut is so sensitive now and spring grass is coming through, but I will continue to feed him this product as it suits him so well.

Best regards

Beth Darrall