Formula4 Feet
The world's first non-GM hoof and laminitis supplement. Made in the UK in a drug free, UFAS accredited facility. Every batch is tested free of substances, listed in the Common Feed Contaminants Screen, by the world's leading equine forensic laboratory. Formula4 Feet has gained Vegetarian Society approval due to its ingredients and Equi Life's ethical production policies.


Frog Supports
Frog Supports are an essential item for every stables first aid kit. When you need them it may be too late to go and buy them. Experience has shown that 80% of laminitis cases are immediately more comfortable when Frog Supports are fitted to the affected feet.


Solution4 Feet
Solution4 Feet is a new product; an effective hoof disinfectant based on natural oils and 21st Century polymer technology. Solution4 Feet is both highly penetrating to the horn yet has sustained release properties. Solution4 Feet is pleasant and safe to handle, and need only be applied twice weekly, leaving the hoof with a beautiful sheen.