Solution4 Feet: a new type of hoof disinfectant

Solution4 Feet is a real breakthrough in hoof disinfection.

Developed by The Laminitis Clinic, Solution4 Feet combines the potency of natural antibacterial and antifungal oils and 21st Century polymer technology to give you a hoof disinfectant which is both highly penetrating and provides a sustained release of active ingredients. This means that you have to apply it only twice weekly yet can remain confident that Solution4 Feet will remain effective.

Solution4 Feet uses two natural oils, each one having potent actions against the microrganisms which infect horses' hoof horn. However we have found that they work synergistically i.e. the effect of the combination is greater than that of the two oils used seperately. Solution4 Feet also contains four powerful modern disinfectants providing both rapid action and sustained release properties.

Solution4 Feet is unique by combining the natural effects of these oils with the most modern disinfectants and organic matrix stabilizers based on state of the art polymer technology. This produces a product which benefits the hoof by providing both instant penetrative protection and a slow release action against the microbes which love to digest your horses' hooves.

Solution4 Feet also contains a powerful antioxidant and phospholipids; essential to a healthy strong hoof capsule.

Not only that, Solution4 Feet provides both waterproofing and hydrating effects, helping to keep your horses' feet nicely supple and able to perform their roles both as an effective protection to the sensitive structures within the hooves and an effective anti-concussive mechanism to protect all the limb joints. Your horses' feet will resume their natural springiness whilst retaining strength.

Solution4 Feet contains no formaldehyde or acids unlike some hoof hardeners and other hoof disinfectants and thus Solution4 Feet cannot damage your horses' hooves.

Solution4 Feet should be painted onto the whole hoof capsule, wall, sole and frogs at least once weekly. Use a clean toothbrush or stiff paintbrush to apply Solution4 Feet thoroughly ensuring all cracks and crevices are well annointed. Allow Solution4 Feet to soak in; this takes less than five minutes.

When used with Formula4 Feet you are giving your horse the very best. Modern effective hoof nutrition and state of the art hoof disinfection.

A typical hoof found in many stabled horses. Caked on faeces predispose to heel and frog infections.


When the hoof has been cleaned and dried the frog shoud be trimmed like this to facilitate daily hoof picking.


A dirty hoof showing the early changes of Thrush on the frog.


The back colouration of the frog and solar horn is characteristic of the action of sulphur reducing bacteria which cause horn infections.

A typical case of poor horn quality;
nutritional deficiency compounded by horn infection